Open day for general public to bring and buy stones and fossils at the club rooms, Whangarei  Heritage Park.
The clubrooms.

Club members having morning tea before visitors' arrival on a train day (third Sunday of each month).

Polished things from members for sale or on display with Fay.

More pieces for sale.

Visitors choosing their favourite treasure to buy.

Laughter to be had here with members of the club like Lesley.

Workshop person Jim asking Lesley was it worth the cut, and now will we polish it?

Club President Carol getting some polishing powder.

A table well used for children to made shell and stone animals etc., like these ones are.

The other side also busy at work making their creatures with help from their parents.

Some of the many jewellery items from a few members.

You never know what you'll get when you cut a stone. This is our '' GHOST ''  here.

Another family enjoying their Sunday out together.

One of the many diamond saws being used to cut a hard and difficult nodule.

Field trip to Puhipuhi to look for fossil fresh water leaf beds. February 11, 2017.

View of the farm

Ready to go fossil hunting

Looking back

Edge of basalt lava flow above the fossil area

Field trip to Hukatere Peninsula, September 26, 2015.
Neems Rd beach

Looking for petrified wood - Neems Rd beach.

Rock platform - Neems Rd beach.
Club members - Neems Rd beach.

Fossils - Neems Rd beach
Petrified wood - Neems Rd beach

Looking for more fossil wood - Metcalfe Rd beach.

Heading round the coast - Metcalfe Rd beach

On the tidal flats - Metcalfe Rd beach
Les with jasper boulder - Metcalfe Rd beach

Club meeting.  April 7, 2014.  Spotlight on the Whangarei Harbour.

 Psilomelane from Manganese Point.

Beater, Limestone Island. 

Concretion and flake tool. 

Petrified wood, Onerahi. 

Adzes, Portland area. 

Flake tools. 

Obsidian chopper. 


Petrified, worm-bored wood, and wood and leaf in a concretion  - Onerahi.

Jasper-agate, petrified wood and fossil turret shells in mudstone - Onerahi.

Garnet andesite with xenoliths - schist and gabbro - Munro Bay. 

Bivalve fossil and internal moulds in mudstone, and gastropod fossil - Onerahi. 

Fossil crabs, fossil fish vertebrae, and mystery object (part of stingray barb) - Onerahi.

Club meeting.  October 7, 2013.  Spotlight on glass.

Desert glass - Australia

Australite - Australian tektite

Faceted glass - Whangarei

Glass eye

Obsidian flake tool - Baylys Beach

Fieldtrip to Puhipuhi fossil geothermal area.  August 25, 2013.

The way there.

Rock wall in old quarry.

Sinter with cinnabar, in situ.

Sinter with cinnabar.

Radiating stibnite in sinter.

Silicified vegetation?


Fieldtrip to Waimatenui area. April 20, 2013.

Mangakahia River at Twin Bridges

 Rock hounding

 Rock fishing

 Mangakahia River again

Waiokumurau Stream

Club meeting April 2, 2013. Spotlight - something marine, i.e., anything formed in or retrieved from the sea.

 Banded iron formation, radiolarian chert, limestone with microfossils, fossil crab, fossil whale bone, psilomelane flowers in jasper, concretions, beach agates, fossil coconuts from Coopers Beach, flax beater, garnets and garnet sand.

Black coral, fossil crab, obsidian with embedded paua shell, phosphate nodule from Chatham Rise, radiolarian chert, fossil whale bones, psilomelane, opalised limestone, barnacle, treasure from the Elingamite.

Fieldtrip to Tutamoe and Tangowahine Valley. March 24, 2013.

Tutamoe from near Dargaville

Club members 1

Club members 2

Cretaceous fossils

Cut and polished stones

 Curnow Rd Gemstone Conservation Area. February 23, 2013.
Curnow Rd Gemstone Conservation Area.

Curnow Rd - Tangihua Range in background.

A hole and rocks.

Rocks in side of hole.

Field trip to Dargaville Racecourse area. September 23, 2012.
The new ditch.

The old ditch.

Hard at work in the mud.
What was on offer: chalcedony, chert, jasper-agate, concretions ...


  1. Kia ora My son often finds rocks while walking thru streams and in the bush within our area and would like to know what type of rock he has found. So I am trying to find some information about what type of rocks he has found or if they are even rocks. Can you help me.

  2. Hi. I'm part of the club and we have a open day every third Sunday, we are there this Sunday 15 November. We are based at the train area up by the mseum. We should be able to help. It's a fun club