Our monthly club meetings are held at 7:30pm on the first Monday of each month (except January) at our clubhouse. Doors open from 6:30pm.

We are at Whangarei Museum & Heritage Park, 500 State Highway 14, Maunu (10 minutes west of downtown Whangarei), opposite Austin Road. Take the first entrance under the tall trees, follow the driveway alongside the railway line. We are at the rear of the complex.

Anyone interested or considering membership is welcome.

The meetings enable people to meet socially, catch up on recent information, display their finds or work, and listen to or join in discussions and talks on all sorts of related topics.

A small library is open at meetings from which books and other Club magzines may be borrowed. A raffle is held and a trading table often displays produce from members’ gardens.

Tea and biscuits are a welcome finale before we disperse home.

The Club is affiliated to the National Association of Rock & Mineral Clubs in New Zealand. There are 21 affiliated Clubs throughout the country, which provides a wide range of contacts when visiting other areas.

The Club has a Management Committee which handles much of the business side of the Club, to save time at the full Club meetings. Committee meetings are held on the Wednesday before Club nights, at 7:30pm, in the clubrooms.

Annual General Meetings are held each May.

Spotlight & Interest Tables

These tables are set up at our club meetings with the object of exchanging information among members and to assist furthering our knowledge of the hobby.

A specific topic is chosen to be highlighted on the Spotlight Table. This gives us the opportunity to display and discuss material relative to the topic. It also includes information we are able to glean from our personal libraries and bring along either the book or an extract. A written document (suitably referenced) is preferable, as this can be taken by our hard-working Newsletter Editor and provides useful input for our monthly newsletter.

The Interest Table provides a forum to display material from previous field trips, (or items requiring identification), items of interest, photos, newspaper cuttings, “brag” items, mistakes (so others don’t make them), in fact, anything that could be of interest to other members.

Items displayed should be labelled with your name, and a note of source and identification of the material if known. This assists others in viewing the tables and the discussion leaders. Be prepared to assist the leaders with further comments during discussion of the table. Competition points are given, one for each item displayed, up to a maximum of three points per table per meeting. A bonus point is given for written material supplied for Spotlight (this written material does not have to be accompanied by specimens).

There are annual competitions with points accumulated during the year and winners are announced at the Annual General Meeting each May. New trophies were presented for awarding in 2001. The Ruth Jones Points Trophy is for the most points on the Interest Table, and the Matarau Points Trophy is for the most Spotlight points.

Our thanks go to Ruth Jones and Phil Dickson for providing these trophies.

All members are encouraged to participate in these displays and spread the knowledge we all have as individuals.